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Agtech SAAS Global Grange's core solution centers around our exclusive online software, boasting an array of impressive features.

Currently, ranches can utilize our proprietary online software to list their animals for sale and farm listing. However, we are diligently developing a full suite of features that will soon be available. Once complete, ranches, farms, and fishermen will gain access to a more comprehensive set of tools. This includes building and managing their business websites, overseeing produce, animals, and product inventory, tracking production and future yields, and managing animal/herd and pasture upkeep.

Agriculture Associations have the ability to maintain their directory listing and membership lists. Plus they will be able to construct and manage their website and handle events.

Restaurants will effectively manage their websites, share recipes, list and coordinate events, and even order produce directly from producers - often while it's still in the field!

For Home Chefs, upcoming features will streamline posting recipes and placing orders for produce directly from producers.